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Things to do and Places to Visit in Sorano

Sorano is one of the few places in the world that have maintained their traditions as well as ancient structures. Sorano is built on top of a rocky ridge and appears as a mediaeval village. It’s also worth noting that the area is home to the Orsini Fortress built in the 14th century. Read on to learn about the old village of Sorano as well as some of the amazing things to do and places to visit that make it unique.

Structure of Sorano Village

Sorano is a village that has been in existence for the longest time. The village is composed of old buildings connected to each other by narrow alleys and streets. Getting from one building to another you need to go up and down of some staircases that meander. First-time visitors to the village get astonished at how laid-back the area is and more so the fact that it holds some of the most ancient histories of Italy.

What to see in Sorano

The cathedral

The cathedral is found at the square near Porta Di. It is easy to spot the old cathedral as you descend from the Orsini fortress. The cathedral was built in the 14th century but has been renovated over the years.

Orsini Fortress

The Orsini Fortress hosted the noble family. The family was princely and even produced three popes through its history. The fortress is still visible as it rises above Sorano. The old castle is surrounded by low-lying walls. As you get into the fortress, you will definitely note the powerful doorway as well as the wall sculptures.

Sorano Traditions

As you explore the vastness of Sorano village, you will get to learn a lot of history from the middle ages. Besides, you will get to learn that cheese and sheep milk is a delicacy among the locals. Ham is also a snack that many visitors enjoy when they visit Sorano.

Where to Dine and Sleep

There are many hotels and restaurants near Sorano where visitors can enjoy some Italian cuisine. Whether you want a three-course meal, a snack or a drink to cool from a day full of exploration, Sorano has something for everyone.

Poggio Bertino is a comfortable place located in Maremma, Tuscany just a few kilometers away from the Sorano village. The hotel has exquisite rooms that are strategically located to offer guests great views of the surrounding serene environment. Poggio Bertino is the place where you visit and get that laid-back atmosphere while still enjoying modern features.

For instance, all rooms have modern equipment such as a fridge, television, air conditioning, and internet. What’s more, is that our menu captures most of the Italian cuisine that you won’t get anywhere else. Most importantly, you get to taste some of the best local dishes such as cheese, ham, and sheep milk. We can even make other dishes upon request.


Sorano is home to some of the ancient buildings such as the Orsini Fortress, and the cathedral. Sorano place is an old village that has maintained its features up to date. The locals love taking ham, cheese, and sheep milk. Poggio Bertino is among the best hotels near the village where guests can enjoy some meals or even accommodation during their visit to Sorano.

Sorano: cosa vedere e cosa fare - Poggio Bertino

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